1957 – 1999

A Family Life Devoted to Time

In 1957, Bruno Söhnle entered his brother's "Heges" large watch factory, situated in the Swabian town of Wurmberg. At the tender age of 17, he became captivated by the notion of integrating cutting-edge technology within the confined space of a watch case, adorning people's wrists with innovation. Just a decade later, he delved into the production of wristwatches under various brand names. He took charge of distributing Swiss watches, including Epos, and played a pivotal role in establishing sales for the "Mühle, Nautische Instrumente Glashütte" brand following German unification. With production based in his hometown of Wurmberg, Bruno Söhnle successfully managed the German wholesale trade with licensed products from the Regent, Rodania, and 4You brands.


Founding of the Bruno Söhnle Watch Workshop

Bruno Söhnle's journey towards establishing his own watch brand is marked by a series of triumphs and challenges. Yet, his unwavering passion for designing watches ultimately proves to be rewarding. In the year 2000, on the occasion of his 60th birthday, the industrious entrepreneur Bruno Söhnle presents himself with a remarkable gift by founding his own watch brand. Set in the picturesque town of Glashütte in Saxony, he embarks on crafting timeless wristwatches featuring quartz movements as his inaugural creations.



Within his family-owned company, Bruno Söhnle laid the groundwork early on for the enduring legacy of his brand. His daughter Stephanie, who had been dedicated to the company since 1997, assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer, shouldering a substantial share of responsibilities from her father.


The First Automatic Collection

The Bruno Söhnle Watch Workshop commemorates its 10-year anniversary as a company. The milestone was celebrated at Inhorgenta, where Bruno Söhnle's inaugural automatic collection was showcased. Notably, the Mechanical Edition I made an impressive debut by securing the 5th position in the category of watches priced up to 2,000€ for the coveted 2010 Watch of the Year award.


The Workshop Shining with New Splendor

Bruno Söhnle has painstakingly renovated his production site in Glashütte, the esteemed former Assmann House. The watch workshop has been meticulously customized to facilitate state-of-the-art work processes, making it thoroughly prepared for the future of watchmaking.


Facetta1957: A New Product Line

The latest creations from Bruno Söhnle, personally influenced and inspired by the renowned watchmaker himself, beautifully capture the multifaceted nature of life. Symbolizing the highs and lows, the watch cases feature a harmonious blend of polished and matte-finished, angular and smooth facets. The Facetta 1957, a timepiece endowed with distinctive personality and character, becomes a cherished emblem that resonates uniquely with each wearer, symbolizing their own journey through life.


Stuttgart: A Unifying Product Line

Through the introduction of the Stuttgart product line, the enduring connection between Swabian entrepreneurship and the art of Saxon watchmaking comes to fruition. Bruno Söhnle, hailing from Swabian Wurmberg near Stuttgart, produces his exquisite timepieces in the renowned town of Glashütte, Saxony. Making a remarkable debut, the Stuttgart Automatic Big swiftly claims the top spot in the esteemed "First Watch" category at the GQ Time Awards.


After Stuttgart comes Frankfurt

Situated amidst world-renowned trade fairs, serving as a bustling transportation hub in the heart of Germany, and renowned as a prominent center for banking and finance in Europe, Frankfurt boasts one of the most iconic skylines on the continent. It comes as no surprise that a dedicated watch product line pays homage to this vibrant city. The Frankfurt collection seamlessly blends a design language that emphasizes essentiality with the use of titanium—an element renowned for its lightweight nature, skin-friendly properties, and exceptional resistance to corrosion and temperature.

A new Workshop Caliber

This watch mechanism serves as a remarkable hallmark for our company and those who proudly wear our new mechanical timepieces. It is evident to all that our family members are instrumental in fostering the ongoing expansion of the company. As godparents, they champion the development of our workshop caliber, a testament reflected in their engraved signatures adorning the corresponding watch mechanism.