Tradition and passion for fine timepieces

Sensual elegance, timeless design, and a deep devotion to vibrant everyday moments - this represents one facet of our Bruno Söhnle Watch Workshop Glashütte brand. It sets the artistic foundation for the complementary side: an authentic functional aesthetic rooted in the traditions of Glashütte, Saxony. Together, these two aspects converge to shape the identity of our Bruno Söhnle brand. With each timepiece from our Bruno Söhnle Watch Workshop, we assure you of a stylish assurance - the harmonious fusion of individuality, character, and the captivating tapestry of time's diverse allure.

My best time

In 2000, Bruno Söhnle embarked on a remarkable journey by establishing his own watch brand. It was through his inspiring words, "My best time began with this step," that the renowned brand slogan emerged: "My best time." Our Bruno Söhnle watches encapsulate not only absolute precision but also bestow time with an additional, exclusive dimension. The harmonious blend of aesthetic and technical perfection transforms ordinary moments into one's finest hours. The design language of our workshop in Glashütte revolves around essential elements while leaving space for affectionate details. Superb design has played an integral role in our exceptional success story, complemented by the combination of high-quality materials and an accessible price point. For connoisseurs, the Bruno Söhnle brand represents a gateway to the captivating world of traditional Glashütte watchmaking art. Behind it lies a family-owned and operated company that embraces a philosophy of swift decision-making processes. Our management, along with our employees and global partners, forms a close-knit family and embodies this philosophy in our daily operations.