General Questions

Keep your watch away from direct exposure to strong magnetic fields. In general, the functionality of your watch is not affected by the magnetic fields emitted by household appliances, television sets, or stereo equipment.

To ensure the optimal longevity of your watch, it is essential to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Avoid exposure to high temperatures: Refrain from leaving your watch in direct sunlight or in extreme hot or cold environments for extended periods. Such conditions can lead to significant rate discrepancies and condensation.

  • Minimize impacts: While the watch is designed to withstand regular impacts during sports or recreational activities, it is important to avoid dropping it or subjecting it to excessive shocks. Pay particular attention to protecting the crown from impacts.

  • Steer clear of strong magnetic fields: Keep your watch away from the direct influence of powerful magnetic fields. Typically, the magnetic fields emitted by household appliances, televisions, or stereo equipment do not affect the watch's operation.

  • Avoid contact with chemicals, solvents, and gases: Refrain from wearing your watch while working with potent chemicals, solvents, or harmful gases. Contact with such substances can lead to deterioration or damage to the case, seals, strap, or other components of the watch.

  • Maintain cleanliness: Regularly clean your watch by gently wiping off any water or moisture from the case, glass, or bracelet using a soft, clean cloth. Accumulated dirt on the case or bracelet can potentially cause skin irritation. Sweat and dust can soil a watch strap, while a stainless steel or gold-plated bracelet may corrode if left uncleaned for prolonged periods. Avoid operating any controls while the watch is submerged in water.

  • Schedule periodic inspections: To ensure trouble-free operation over the years, it is advisable to have your watch inspected every three years. Additionally, an annual water-resistance check should be performed by one of our authorized dealers, and all sealing elements should be replaced whenever the battery is changed.

Certain models in our collection can accommodate both leather straps and metal bracelets, although this option may not be available for all models. We recommend reaching out to our customer service for further confirmation regarding the specific compatibility and availability of strap options for your watch.

Please reach out to our customer service. We will assist you in the spare parts ordering process.


Orders are shipped within 2 business days of order placement Monday-Friday excluding holidays.

Please check our "Shipping and Returns" page for the breakdown of shipping options and delivery times.

Once your order has shipped, you will receive tracking information via email. If you haven't received an email, please contact us and we will resend you the tracking information.

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Materials and Features

Sapphire glass is renowned for being the most durable among all watch glasses. Its exceptional light refraction properties ensure optimal visibility of the dial even in bright light conditions, greatly enhancing readability. Furthermore, sapphire glass exhibits remarkable scratch resistance. Additionally, all sapphire glasses are equipped with an anti-reflective coating on the inner surface.

We exclusively employ stainless steel in our products, specifically the high-quality and hypoallergenic surgical steel (316L). This type of steel is renowned for its durability, exceptional comfort when worn, and low nickel content, ensuring compatibility with sensitive skin.

It is considered normal for quartz watches to exhibit a time deviation of up to -10 to +20 seconds per month.

Despite meticulous manufacturing and testing, a rate deviation of approximately 20 seconds per day may occur. This slight variation is inherent even in the finest mechanical watches and is considered normal for a dynamic movement. Our models are carefully regulated to ensure smooth timekeeping. Please bear in mind that automatic watches are not inherently precise and may stop if not sufficiently moved throughout the day. In such cases, you can manually wind the watch via the crown by rotating it clockwise for approximately 30 revolutions to fully wind it.

After being fully wound, the automatic watch can attain a power reserve of up to 38 hours when not worn. It is important to note that automatic watches may stop if not sufficiently moved throughout the day, as they rely on motion to keep the power reserve active. In such instances, manually winding the watch via the crown in a clockwise direction for approximately 30 turns will ensure it is fully wound and operational.

In the automatic watches of the Bruno Söhnle collection, a meticulously crafted movement takes center stage. Five essential components are produced in Glashütte, where our watch atelier meticulously machines and refines the surfaces. The mechanical movement powers the three hands and date display. Within Bruno Söhnle's workshops in Glashütte, the main plate, automatic bridge, gear train bridge, winding bridge, and balance cock undergo meticulous bead-finishing, followed by various electroplating treatments (such as yellow/pink gold/nickel or rhodium-plating). The rotor, an in-house development by Bruno Söhnle, is also manufactured in Glashütte. The manufacturer's name and the place of manufacture are laser-engraved on the top of the rotor, which is prominently visible through the transparent case back. Each watch is distinguished by its unique identity number.

The water resistance information for your watch model can be found engraved on the case back. Please note the following general information regarding water resistance according to DIN 8310:

Water resistance is not a permanent characteristic and should be checked annually, as well as before subjecting the watch to special conditions. The built-in sealing elements naturally deteriorate over time, impacting their functionality during everyday use. External factors can also affect water resistance. The pressure indication on your watch represents the test pressure and should not be misconstrued as an indication of the maximum diving depth.

  • Water resistance up to 3 bar: These Bruno Söhnle watches have been tested to withstand a specified atmospheric pressure of 3 bar and are designed to resist superficial water contact. However, immersion in water should be avoided, and heavy perspiration may also affect water resistance.

  • Water resistance up to 5 bar: These Bruno Söhnle watches have been tested to withstand a specified atmospheric pressure of 5 bar. The glass and seal are designed to withstand this pressure. To maintain lasting water resistance, it is recommended to have your watch inspected annually.

  • Water resistance up to 10 bar: These Bruno Söhnle watches have been tested to withstand a specified atmospheric pressure of 10 bar, making them suitable for various water sports activities except diving. Regular inspections are essential, especially with intensive use or heavy perspiration.

  • Water resistance up to 20 bar: These watches have been tested to withstand a specified atmospheric pressure of 20 bar, making them ideal for all water sports due to the thickness of the glass and the quality of the seals. Regular inspections, particularly with intensive use or heavy perspiration, are crucial to maintain long-term water resistance. Additionally, after each battery change, it is recommended to ensure that all elements contributing to water resistance remain in good condition.

Leather strap

If you regularly clean off sweat residues from your leather strap, it will significantly extend its lifespan. Only leather straps explicitly labeled as waterproof should be cleaned under running water. It is crucial to avoid exposing the strap to moisture, detergents, and chemicals such as creams and perfumes. Additionally, refrain from wearing your watch at night, in the sauna, during sports activities, or while engaging in extreme manual work.

The leather strap of a watch is considered a consumable part and, being a natural product, it is inherently susceptible to damage. Moisture, perspiration, and chemicals, in particular, can lead to staining or discoloration. It is advisable to avoid wearing your watch in the sauna and to keep creams and perfumes away from it to prevent any undesired chemical reactions. Additionally, it is not recommended to wear the watch during sleep as increased perspiration can also contribute to potential chemical reactions. Regularly wiping off sweat residues, especially after engaging in sports activities, can significantly prolong the lifespan of both the straps and the case seals. Leather straps are generally unsuitable for sports and activities that impose significant mechanical stress on the leather. It is crucial to prevent the leather strap from coming into contact with moisture. Only straps specifically designated as water-resistant can be cleaned under running water, while the use of cleaning agents should be avoided.

Defects and Damage

Caution: Your watch may be equipped with a screw-down crown. Prior to adjusting the crown, please ensure to unscrew it first.

This could indicate a weak battery. Moreover, we recommend having a water-tightness test carried out after every battery replacement to ensure optimal performance.

Every Bruno Söhnle watch is covered by a 2-year warranty starting from the date of purchase. Please note that defects caused by improper handling or third-party intervention are not covered by the warranty.


Bruno Söhnle offers a 24-month warranty against manufacturing defects. Our products are manufactured, checked, and tested using modern methods, ensuring the highest quality technology and materials. If any manufacturing or material defects occur during the warranty period, they will be repaired free of charge by an authorized Bruno Söhnle dealer or the manufacturer. The coverage is limited to the manufacturing costs of the specific model and does not include claims for damages, replacements, or refunds.

Please note that the warranty does not cover defects resulting from improper handling, third-party intervention, glass breakage, spring bar and crown breakage, accidental damage, or normal wear and tear. Straps, spring bars, and batteries are also not covered by the warranty.

To validate your warranty claim, please include the fully completed guarantee certificate with the watch. The certificate must be filled out by the retailer. The watch is sent at the sender's own risk.

Every Bruno Söhnle watch is covered by a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase. Please note that defects resulting from improper handling or third-party intervention are not covered by the warranty. Additionally, straps, spring bars, and batteries are excluded from the warranty coverage. You can find further details regarding the warranty in the certificate provided with your purchase.


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